First Amendment Center Resources

No one has done more to help cultivate the common ground in these difficult areas than the folks at The Freedom Forum First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University. They have provided the legal and academic ground work in the search for common ground and have produced some indispensable tools to help communities find a way to communicate effectively about church/state concerns and religious liberty. Their 3Rs Project has been utilized by many school districts to build greater understanding and respect across religious lines. The following materials are a must-read for educators and parents:

  • Finding Common Ground is a full-length, in-depth resource manual that should be on the desk of every school administrator in the country. It covers all of the details dealing with the legal and historical framework for common ground work. You can download the book in a .pdf file, or order them from the Center (615. 321.9588, $9.50 each.)
  • Columns written by Charles Haynes, Senior Scholar of the First Amendment Centers, on a First Amendment approach to religious and cultural issues

The following brochures are available from the First Amendment Center free of charge at the number above or you can use the link below to download them in .pdf format. The first three are must-reads and the others offer additional resources.