Mediation Services

Common Ground Thinking can help a roomful of people representing diverse constituencies define a starting point that is fair for everyone.  As unbelievable as it sounds in a few hour’s time we’ve helped deeply divided community groups find unanimous solutions to their concerns, and establish strategies for working in a more cooperative environment.

In the heat of a full-fledged conflict, an outside influence can cut through the fear, suspicions and anger helping the group reframe the issue in a way that offers the best hope for a successful resolution. If you’re already in the middle of a worldview conflict, or are preparing to tackle an issue that has the potential to divide your business or community along these lines, we can facilitate a process to help you reach the common ground, where all groups are treated fairly.

  • We can help you form an advisory task force to deal with controversial issues such as holiday celebrations, religious expression, and policies regarding sexuality, where claims of conscience pit one interest group against another.
  • We can train the task force to rethink its differences in a common ground framework by applying First Amendment legal principles.
  • We can facilitate their negotiations to recommend policies that has the broad backing of the community
  • And, we can help with strategies to implement those policies in order to bring the community together.

Ultimately, this intervention can build your credibility with your community and give them greater confidence in their ability to solve their problems with mutual respect across diverse lines.

Please contact us if we can help you navigate a difficult issue. Here like no where else a small amount of proactive effort can save your district the time and pain of unnecessary conflict.