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We have more to gain by pulling together
than we do by pulling apart.

Can we really turn angry adversaries into cooperative colleagues? Can we help polarized groups discover enough common ground to resolve their differences where everyone walks away a winner?

We can and we have! We live in an age where competing worldviews battle for the upper hand and because they are derived from people’s core values, compromise is often unthinkable. The tension, mistrust and polarization that result shred the fabric of our society and paralyze our institutions.

In the last decade, however, Common Ground Thinking has emerged as a proven tool to help resolve these conflicts without asking people to compromise their deepest convictions. We don’t change people’s passion about the issues, but by helping them define a new common ground that can encompass the broadest segments of our culture we can help them look for creative solutions that respect their differences. By giving people a new appreciation for the civic principles that under gird the American experiment, they soon learn how to reframe the issues in ways that can lead to mutually beneficial solutions.

We help groups draft COMMON GROUND AGREEMENTS. These agreements are often unanimous because they don’t arbitrate between different worldviews, nor seek a lowest common denominator compromise that satisfies no one. Instead they reach for the highest possible consensus and uncover solutions that are fair to the differences in their community. For this reason they endure the test of time and shifts in political or corporate power.

It is an amazing process that surprises many who think that there are no solutions to our cultural and religious differences. We offer training in this conflict resolution process and mediation to help groups apply it effectively. Please take a moment to tour our web site where you will not only find out more about BridgeBuilders but you’ll also find valuable resources to help you cultivate the common ground in your corner of the world.

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If you need any additional information or want to find out if Common Ground Thinking can help resolve conflicts you’re facing or help you build an environment that will help you avoid polarizing conflicts, please call us for a free consultation. We would be happy to help you find a better way to resolve our differences.

Wayne Jacobsen